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Image by Alessandro Bogliari


Brockenhurst Cricket Club is a safe, friendly & welcoming club.

We have policies and procedures in place to ensure our club is run safely. It is a mandatory requirement that every ECB affiliated club and organisation recruit, appoint and train a Club Safeguarding Officer.


This is essential to provide a “first point of contact” for everyone within the club and the ECB for safeguarding matters, and crucially, to ensure the club is adopting and implementing, the safeguarding activities necessary for it to fulfil its duty of care.

Welfare & Safeguarding Officer ~ Ros Rea

Our Safeguarding Officer has attended the Safe Hands workshop. This training enables our Club Safeguarding Officer to:


  • Explain the role and responsibility of the Club Safeguarding Officer and how this relates to other key roles in cricket.

  • Review club processes regarding good safeguarding practice and duty of care.

  • Deal confidently with any concerns that may arise.

  • Create an ongoing action plan to support the implementation of “Safe Hands” in the club.

  • Understand what support is available and how to access this.

  • Able to persuade, influence and instruct on safeguarding matters as necessary.

  • Understand the importance of listening to children and helping the club develop processes and systems to do so.

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